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What started out of a small kitchen pantry not long ago has grown into one of the area's most dependable anti-hunger ministries. Our mission is to meet the needs of hungry people in our community, no questions asked... read on to learn more about us, our history, volunteer information, and how you can donate to keep us running strong!

How You Can Help

We are always accepting donations!

Collect and bring a bag or two of the following to the church:

Cooking Bag
• 1 can of vegetables
• 1 box of pasta
• 1 can of protein (tuna, beef ravioli, spaghetti & meatballs)
• 1 can of fruit
• 1 box of cereal
• 1 plastic bottle of water, juice or Gatorade (no soda)
Note: Pop-top cans are preferred as many of our guests don’t have a can opener

Non-cooking Bag
• 1 can of fruit
• 2 or 3 small individual boxes of cereal
• small cans of protein (spam, tuna, cooked chicken, etc.)
• small packages of crackers
• 1 jar of peanut butter
• 1 plastic bottle of water, juice or Gatorade (no soda)
Note: Pop-top cans are preferred as many of our guests don’t have a can opener

Trinity's Food Pantry

Many people struggle to put food on the table. In addition to the unemployed and homeless, there are many working poor and elderly residents whose monthly incomes do not cover their expenses. These individuals and families earn a minimum wage or are retired on fixed minimum incomes.

Particularly hard hit are low income families and single parents with young children. According to our local census, 30% fall below the poverty level, with an average income of $23,081.

Trinity’s food pantry began in 1995 as a spontaneous gesture to the poor who were randomly knocking on our doors, asking for something to eat. Our rector began bringing nonperishable food of his own and sourcing whatever he could from the church kitchen to feed the hungry.

As the word spread on the street and demand grew, the rector realized that a more organized and well-stocked pantry was needed, and he and the parish administrator solicited donations of food and time from the congregation. Demand grew beyond the parish’s internal resources, and efforts were made to solicit donations from other organizations.

A distinguishing characteristic of our food pantry is that we do not require referrals of our guests. Our approach is to recognize that our guests -- who for example may be destitute or homeless without identification -- should have access to food with a minimum of barriers. Successful negotiations with the Monmouth and Ocean Counties Foodbank have given Trinity the freedom to welcome and serve everyone unconditionally.

Today, the pantry is staffed by volunteers from a host of organizations, including Trinity, who hand out 450 bags of food to our guests each week.

Where We Receive Our Support

Several years ago, our parish administrator spearheaded efforts to obtain larger and more reliable food allotments each week from the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. We also receive food from local food drives, individual donors, and we still receive regular donations from our own parish family.

Occasionally, food is purchased from wholesale and other low cost food outlets with funds donated by generous individuals, congregations, service organizations, and by our annual fundraising event sponsored by Spring Lake Theater.

Annual Costs & Expenses

The annual cost of food continues to rise, thus the operating expense for the Food Pantry is about $10,000.

Additional Ways You Can Help

Volunteer: We are always on the lookout for more volunteers! Volunteers come as they are able, but usually volunteer for a two-and-a-half hour shift during days we're open. Volunteers may schedule themselves upon interest and availability - contact the office at to learn more.

Our volunteers sort and store food as it is received, allocate it into nutritionally viable packages, and dispense it to recipients. Volunteers may also pick up donated food on a regular basis from markets, other donors, and food drives. Volunteers help promote food drives and donations through clubs and organizations.

Donate Food: We receive food whenever the pantry is open. Types of food needed most are protein items (stew, tuna, ravioli, peanut butter, etc.), pasta, and cereal. The congregation is invited to bring non-perishable items and place in the basket at the entrance to the church on Sundays.

Run a food drive: whether it be at your workplace or sports team or club - we're very grateful for groups and individuals who coordinate food drives on our behalf. You can even start a food drive online through - there, donors can purchase food that gets directly shipped to our door. Find us under "Trinity Church Last Resort Food Pantry, Asbury Park, NJ."

Support: Monetary donations are always appreciated. The anti-hunger ministries are one of the designated programs that people are welcome to give to specifically. You can give by writing a check out to Trinity Church and earmarking it for the "Anti-Hunger Ministry" in the check's memo line. Or, you can donate right now on-line by going to the "Contact Us" tab in the menu bar, clicking on "Support Trinity" tab, and donating online to our Pantry efforts.

We are a 503(c) organization and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.