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We believe that life is centered about expressions of faith, hope, and love. Service helps us recognize those gifts in ourselves and others.

Saturday Soup Kitchen

In response to the poverty afflicting the Asbury Park area, Trinity runs a weekly soup kitchen (Saturday Soup).

Initiated in 1990, the soup kitchen now welcomes up to 220 guests each Saturday for a sit-down, hot lunch from noon-1 PM.

Our volunteers are members of the parish, community groups, businesses volunteer organizations and members of other religious organizations. Together they seek to help all our guests feel welcome.

The volunteers arrive at 9:30 AM to set up tables, prepare and serve meals, socialize with our guests, and clean up afterwards.

Although one can volunteer almost any Saturday, we have set aside four Saturdays a year specifically for members of our parish family to serve together. See the date of our next volunteer day in the left column.

New hands and donations are always welcome!