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Welcome to Trinity

One of our greatest joys is to see people find a church home — a place to connect with God and others, a place to grow in their faith and to make a difference in the world. We believe that Trinity is that kind of a church and we gladly share it with those who are also searching spiritually.

Over the last several years, Trinity Church has grown in our love and concern for one another, grown in numbers and most importantly grown in depth of Spirit and in ways of service and mission. The power of God's Spirit working in and through the people at Trinity is palpable. Trinity is a unique and dynamic parish. Trinity, like all congregations, has its own personality. We hope it is exactly what you are looking for and needing in being supported, nurtured and challenged in your spiritual life.

One aspect of our parish that may be helpful for you to know is that we are a diverse community. In fact, it is something that many of our parishioners say is what initially drew them to worship here. No one is excluded. We are straight, gay, black, white, young, old, rich and poor, married, partnered and single, possessing differing views and beliefs, but what holds us together is a common desire to grow in our faith and to be the Body of Christ. As one of our assisting clergy, Tom Pivinski, volunteer Chaplain to our Choristers put it, "Trinity is a diverse community of faith. Tradition and ritual are wrapped in welcome and acceptance and God is alive here." You can learn a little more about Trinity by going to the "Who we are" page under the "Our Church" tab. However, the best way to see if this might be a "fit" for you is to come and worship with us. We would love you to join us in experiencing the joy and healing power of God's love.

We invite you to visit with us anytime, to ask questions, and to participate freely in any of our programs or activities. Know that any one of our clergy would be happy to meet with you, share a cup of coffee and try to answer your questions in person. To do so, simply contact the parish office at 732-775-5084 or