Food Justice

The Food Justice Program at Trinity feeds 200 people every Saturday, hands out over 400 bags of food a week, and provides two meals a week for at risk children in our community who participate in the Chorister Program. 100% of donations go directly to the food Justice Program.

Trinity Food Pantry

Our pantry program serves 300-400 people a week. We have changed from giving emergency proportions to our guest to giving them three to four bags of food each week. We project that the food we give them could last for at least ten to twelve days of the month. We have also started giving, along with the canned goods, more fresh produce, eggs, and meats to our guests. During the summer a lot of the produce we gave out was local and organic.

Our guest and community members have started to participle in the pantry by showing up each week to help with unloading the delivery. Many volunteers continue to sort and bag food, greet our guests and hand out food.

Soup Kitchen

Our soup kitchen feeds 170-220 people every Saturday of the year.

We have in-house social workers present every Saturday as a way to empower our guests and help them get on their feet. We have organized 13 local farms to donate organic produce so that we can serve our guests healthier meals. We also offer free acupuncture to our guests every Saturday. All new community volunteers go through a food justice training before serving our guests.