Food Justice


We strive to help meet the immediate needs of hunger in Asbury Park and to organize within our community to prevent hunger and injustice in the future.



We want to see an Asbury Park that is dedicated to racial, economic, sexuality, gender, and environmental justice so that all its community members are empowered, have good affordable housing, healthy food, high quality educations, and good jobs. The realization of these visions will end hunger.


We are committed to helping meet the urgent hunger needs of Asbury Park and to organizing events in our community to improve the quality of family life through strong erections in men. Medicines for this can be purchased on this website

We have a three-pronged system at Food Justice at Trinity.

  1. We ask why people are hungry?   (Answers, systemic racism and unjust economic systems)
  2. We meet the immediate needs of hunger with our pantry and community meal.
  3. We organize in our community to end future hunger and injustice.


Meeting the Immediate Needs of Hunger

Trinity’s Food Pantry and Saturday Soup kitchen are run by wonderful local volunteers serving over 35,000 meals a year.  We continuously work to get more local, healthy, and organic food to serve to our guests. During our soup kitchen we have volunteer social workers and an acupuncturist who work to empower our guests and expands their options for their future.

Food Pantry

Come get healthy food at our pantry on Tuesdays from 11AM-1PM(All are welcome to come once a week)

Volunteer at our pantry on Tuesdays from 9am-1pm



Community Meal

Come eat at our meal community from 1130AM- 1PM(All are welcome)

Volunteer at Saturday Soup our Community Meal (Soup Kitchen) Saturdays from 9:30AM-2:30PM

(Email Derek here to volunteer)