Social Justice

Food Justice

The Food Justice Program at Trinity feeds 200 people every Saturday, hands out over 400 bags of food a week, and provides two meals a week for at risk children in our community who participate in the Chorister Program. 100% of donations go directly to the food Justice Program. Food Justice at Trinity includes our Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen.
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Racial Justice Project

The Racial Justice Project(RJP) is a faith-based project at Trinity church that collaborates with Food Justice at Trinity and the Asbury Park Educational Justice Collective believing that as long as racism exists, hunger will always follow, so to end hunger one also must organize to end racism.. We have hosted a series on race and popular culture, events on Youth Incarceration and the Prison Industrial Complex, education classes on “Interrupting the ‘Isms’” (racism, sexism, classism, etc), and we organized a Racial Justice Film and Dialogue series. Both the RJP AP Educational Justice collective work on racial reconciliation as well.
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Housing Justice

Housing Justice includes Women’s Hospitality Network & Family Promise
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