Upcoming Events

Trinity Women’s Retreat ~ Saturday, May 12, 9AM-3PM

Trinity is offering a women’s retreat, scheduled for Saturday, May 12 at the Bath Avenue Guest House in Ocean Grove. The retreat will last from 9 AM until 3 PM. The Very Rev. Maria Sanzo will lead the retreat. Mother Maria is an experienced retreat leader and spiritual director – and a fantastic priest! The theme of the retreat is an exploration of how Matthew’s account of the woman with the alabaster jar applies to women of faith today. Our thanks once again to parishioners Barbara and Sandra, proprietors of the Bath Avenue Guest House, for making this location available to the church. The cost for the retreat is $15 per person, including all food and beverages. The retreat is limited to 24 participants. Reservations can be made by calling or emailing the church office.

It’s Our Annual Spaghetti Supper and Gift Auction ~ Saturday, May 19, 6-9PM

Spaghetti Supper and Gift Auction tickets are selling fast and there are many baskets that are being made for this fun evening. If you haven’t gotten your tickets or selected a basket, be sure to sign up now. But, in order to make this a great evening, we also need your help volunteering to help with the preparation of baskets, decorating, helping during the event or cleaning up. Please consider participation in making this a special evening, sign up where tickets are being sold, and get ready for lots of fun.!

Racial Justice Project Film Screening and Panel Discussion ~ Thursday, May 10 at 6:30PM

Supporting Black Businesses

Join us for a free screening of the compelling movie, “Chocolate City”, followed by a panel of local experts discussing Why Supporting #BlackBusiness Matters moderated by acclaimed muralist and arts educator, Charles Trott, organized by the Racial Justice Project! May 10th at 630. Please Register at http://bit.ly/racialjustice-trinitychurchap

NJ Gay Men’s Chorus Concert

Saturday, May 5 at 8PM

The New Jersey Gay Men’s Chorus presents “1918: A Musical Time Capsule of Remembrance and Resistance from WWI America,” on Saturday, May 5 at 8:00 PM, here at Trinity. This concert celebrates the quiet power of music made popular a century ago from the voices of soldiers, peacemakers, workers, and suffragettes, featuring songs such as “Hail! Hail! the Gang’s All Here,” “Flanders Fields,” “Armistice 1918,” “Let Me Call you Sweetheart,” and “Solidarity Forever.” The souls of the Armenian Genocide will also be honored with the Armenian folk song “Loosin Yelav.” The beautiful melodies will pay tribute to the brave Americans who served their country, as well as highlight the historical events at home and overseas that led to many progressive changes in WWI America. Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for seniors and students when purchased in advance. All tickets are $25 at the door, and are available at www.njgmc.org, by contacting the Chorus at 732-579-8449 or through members of the Chorus directly.